New Year wishes for 2022

Posted by Daniël on Mon January 10, 2022.

New Year wishes.

We wish you all a very good and prosperous 2022.

First off, we at Panorama Chalets and Rest Camp want to thank one and all that stayed with us over the holiday period. You may have had bad weather with a lot of rain but we trust you enjoyed your stay otherwise. Without your patronage we will not be here.

This year we want to focus on giving you the best service at the best price. We want to reward those that stay longer at Panorama as well as those that book direct with us. So, look out for our specials as well as new options available to you throughout this year. Please visit and revisit our website so you will not miss out on good deals.

We are looking forward to receive more and more foreign guests as SA is removed from the red lists across the world that banned travel to and from SA. SA is still one of the best countries to visit and to experience diversity in culture as well as in nature. The Panorama Route is especially beautiful and is not to be missed.

Have a great  and wonderful 2022.